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January 9, 2013

A couple of years ago I posted several entries listing numerous (but not all) books written about and “by” members of the Hall of Fame. I’m just including a link to the last one here, since that contains links to all the others. I’m guessing that at least a couple of books will come out of this year’s proceedings, whether anyone gets in or not.

Unfortunately, this year’s batch of candidates seems more about the PEDs than anything else. It’s too bad that they’re all on the ballot together. Bonds, Clemens, and Sosa (first timers) almost seem like a no-brainer when it comes to those who imbibed but others, like Piazza and Bagwell¬† (FT), Palmiero, and McGwire have had their names associated it steroids, to greater or lesser degrees.

Maybe it’s the need to pump out news 24/7 or maybe I’m just paying more attention, but doesn’t it seem like there’s much more attention being paid to this election than in the past? Zev Chafets, author of Cooperstown Confidential: Heroes, Rogues, and the Inside Story of the Baseball Hall of Fame, spoke recently on the MLB Network about the “character factor,” noting that there have been a number of players who weren’t such sterling fellows, yet they were still inducted. Today’s New York Times carries this story by Bill Pennington how the “Hall of Fame Has Always Made Room for Infamy,” as well as this piece by super-prognosticator Nate Silver on “Suspicion of Steroid Use Could Keep Bagwell and Piazza Out of Hall.”

The announcements of those elected — if any — are scheduled to come down at 2 p.m. EST. Coverage begins on the MLB Network at noon. Stay tuned.



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