A haul of Hall books: Rube Waddell to Robin Yount

April 3, 2011 · 5 comments

Intro: As previously stated, the recent election of Robert Alomar and Bert Blyleven got me to thinking: how many Hall of Famers have had books written about them or penned their own stories. Here are the results. Again, this is not an all-inclusive list; almost all juvenile titles have been omitted.

* * *

Rube Waddell, Inducted 1946

Honus Wagner, 1936

Bobby Wallace, 1953
There are no titles about Wallace.

Ed Walsh, 1946

Lloyd Waner, 1967

Paul Waner, 1952
See Lloyd Waner

John Montgomery Ward, 1964

Earl Weaver, 1996

George M. Weiss, 1971
There are no titles about Weiss.

Mickey Welch, 1973
There are no titles about Welch.

Willie Wells, 1997 (Negro Leagues)

Zach Wheat, 1959
There are no titles about Wheat.

Sol White, 2006 (Negro Leagues)

Hoyt Wilhelm, 1985
There are no titles about Wilhelm.

J.L. Wilkinson, 2006 (Negro Leagues)
There are no titles about Wilkinson.

Billy Williams, 1987

Dick Williams, 2008

Smokey Joe Williams
There are no titles about Smokey Joe Williams.

Ted Williams, 1966
Like Ruth, DiMaggio, and Mantle, there are a number of bios about The Splendid Splinter, especially later in life when he was the last of that level of player remaining. Several were published  come after his death.

Vic Willis, 1995
There are no titles about Willis.

Jud Wilson, 2006 (Negro Leagues)
There are no books about Jud Wilson.

Hack Wilson, 1979

Dave Winfield, 2001

George Wright, 1937

Harry Wright, 1953

Early Wynn, 1972

Carl Yastrzemski, 1989

Tom Yawkey, 1980
There are no titles about Yawkey, but he’s a staple of books about the Red Sox and, unfortunately, racism in baseball.

Cy Young, 1937

Royce Youngs, 1972
There are no titles about Youngs.

Robin Yount, 1999

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  • Great series of posts Ron. How about something similar on baseball seasons?

  • Anonymous

    Interesting idea, Alec. Can you elaborate?

  • Sure:

    1908 would list books such as Fleming’s Unforgettable Season, Cait Murphy’s Crazy 08, and Dave Anderson’s More Than Merkle – all books that focus on just the 1908 season. 1921 would list Spatz and Steinberg’s 1921: The Yankees, the Giants, and the Battle for Baseball Supremecy In New York. 1951 would list Pragers’s The Echoing Green etc. In short, books that just cover that particular season.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what I thought. Definitely an idea. Thanks.

  • Kent Morgan

    Dandy, Day and the Devil by James A. Riley (TK Publishers 1987) is about Willie Wells as well as Ray Dandridge and Leon Day.

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