The Bookshelf conversation: Peter Schwartz

February 24, 2014

It took me a long time to get through Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game. Not because it was boring, heaven forbid, but because it made me stop and think so much.

Some might think too much time and emotion are spent dissecting sports — to much romanticism, too much philosophy, too much religion. If you try hard enough, they say, you can find links from any one thing to any other thing. That may be true, but if you don’t make your point effectively, you’ll never make any converts.


Co-author Peter J. Schwartz, a Bloomberg News contributor focusing on professional sports team valuations, frequently lectures at New York University, where he is a fellow and has earned degrees with concentrations in journalism, sports business, and law. As a Canadian expatriate, he was the radio play-by-play broadcaster for Yale University’s men’s hockey team while in college. He was one of the three thoughtful gents to collaborate on BAARTG, the other two being  John Sexton, president of New York University, who got top billing, and Thomas Oliphant, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Praying for Gil Hodges: A Memoir of the 1955 World Series and One Family’s Love of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Click here for a Q&A I did with Oliphant when his book came out.

Schwartz, who will participate in a charity storytelling fundraiser at the Bergino Baseball  Clubhouse in Manhattan on March 6 to benefit the Photo ID Foundation, took a few minutes to discuss the collaborative effort and the challenges of narrowing the field, as it were, to divine baseball.

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