The Bookshelf Conversation: Abie Rotenberg

January 19, 2016

As the sports editor for a weekly Jewish publication, I always have my antenna out for anything that pertains to this niche topic. You might be surprised, but as someone so connected with Jews and sports, it’s amazing the number of times I come across reference to the scene from Airplane and the variations thereof that basically says that pool is very shallow. I guess they never heard of Ian Kinsler or Ryan Braun or Sandy Koufax or Bennie Friedman or Dolph Schayes or Mark Spitz or hundreds of other athletes who have represented in pro sports. Their loss.,204,203,200_.jpgSo when I discovered The Season of Pepsi Meyers, I was all in. I was surprised to learn the author, Abie Rotenberg, wasn’t a career writer, but rather a well-known performer/ composer in the Jewish music world. It took a bit of time to track him down — he is an ex-New Yorker who now makes his home in Toronto — but here he is to discus the particular challenges of his project.

You can read my review of The Season of Pepsi Meyers here.

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