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  • Westernlady42

    Mr. Kaplan, thanks for the nice comments about Dad. His family and friends appreciate that.

    Elena M. Metro

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for taking the time to write, Ms. Metro. My condolences on your loss.

  • Bo68

    Hi Glen. Just wondering if you ever found anything out about the book and if you still have it. I’d be interested in it depending on the price.



  • Djcmenace

    It’s late Ron but I appreciate your review very much especially coming on Induction Day for 2011. I hope this helps get the word out. I had the good fortune to be asked by Ed Randall to be part of Induction Weekend on his two radio shows Induction weekend. It was pre-arranged as he called me up on Saturday, July 23 to be part of his “Talking Baseball” on Sirius satellite  with his co-host Rico Petrocelli. He then called me again on Sunday morning to be part of his WFAN broadcast, “Talking Baseball.”

    THanks again
    Dennis Corcoran 

  • Creature

    I’m thinking Mr. Jeter and Mr. Rivera have a good chance of being lifelong Yankees when they are voted into the Hall of Fame.

  • AJ Barton

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  • rich

    Hey ron any idea what a copy of …THIS GREAT GAME….Might be selling for now that leroy nieman has passed?

  • Ron_Kaplan

    I doubt there’ll be any change. His “contribution,” while nicely done, isn’t an integral component of the book. It’s not like one of his actual illustrations.

  • Tony Lewis

    Ron, I just got your book “501 Baseball Books…” in the mail today and Love it! I collect baseball books, leaning more to the biography, Team and general history stuff. Your selections are all over the place and I love that! You review a couple books I did not know much about (Fifth Season – by Honig, and Woman’s work…by Dorothy Mills) that look like “Gotta get right away” stuff. The business book section is filled with stuff that I quite frankly never thought looked good. You made a case for me to revisit that opinion. So, thanks! Anyway, it’s an hour past bed time as work comes early but I’m hard pressed to put down your book! Well done Sir!

    Tony Lewis – Roseville CA

  • Ron_Kaplan

    Many thanks for the kind words, Tony.

  • Ricky Ricardo

    Dear Ron Kaplan,
    Thank you for your very kind words and favorable critique on my book BASEBALL TEAM NAMES. My goal was to write a definitive but fun-to-read book for readers. Although I’ve worked in health care most of my adult life I retained an interest in sports. However, I also like history very much and though to merge the two interests into one book. I’m writing other books for my publsiher, McFarland. Currently, I working on FOOTBALL team names and hope to write BASKETBALL, SOCCER and HOCKEY NAMES. I also like simple arithmetic and, as a result, am also working on an encyclopedia of very early 19th Century baseball for the era 1845-1870. Contrary to popular belief there are tons of statistics on baseball in this pre-professional era. I’m also trying my hand at science fiction although most pulishers discourage fiction in favor of non-fiction. Again, thank you so much for your encouraging review and kind words.
    Rick Worth

  • Jeff Brown


    Just following up on our conversation from last month regarding Buddy Myer. I was at the D.C. Baseball History Winter Meeting this past weekend and was able to chat with Gary Sarnoff the author of “The Wrecking Crew of 1933”. I pressed him further on the details of Myer’s religion and he said he interviewed Buddy’s son, Stevey. Stevey said that buried deep in the family lineage is a grandfather that was either Jewish or partially Jewish. He also said that Buddy was baptized at the age of 13 in the Baptist Church, but by the time he died he was an active member of the Methodist church. Take this for whatever it is worth.

    A few other quick things:
    -I received “Baseball as a Road to God” as a Christmas present this past December and as soon as I finish a biography on the lyricist Johnny Mercer, I look forward to reading it.
    -Did you attend the Peter Ephross’ appearance this past Sunday? I read the book about a year and a half ago and enjoyed it.


  • Ron_Kaplan

    Thanks for the note, Jeff, and sorry for the tardy reply. E-mail issues lately.

    Re: Buddy, I have forwarded your remarks to my “committee” on such things for their thoughts.

    Have not as yet had the pleasure of attending one of Peter’s events. One of these days…

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