We’ll meet again (Bits and pieces, July 10)

July 10, 2014

don’t know where, don’t know when…

Taking off tomorrow for a little vacation. Not sure of the accessibility/availability issues, so trying to squeeze in a few so my mailbox won’t be so full when I get back.

bbiconThere have been at least a couple of baseball mysteries with the title Strike Three, You’re Dead, one by J.D. Rosen, another by Josh Berk. That’s why I was a bit confused by a review of Howard Owens’ new Parker Field, which ran with that phrase.

bbicon Come on, how can you not read this one? “‘Stripper King of New York’ pens religious baseball novel.” Sounds like a New York Post headline.

bbicon Here’s a profile of Amber Roessner, author of Inventing Baseball Heroes, via onlineathens.

bbicon Kind of surprised about the relative lack of coverage to the new book on Alex Rodriguez and PED. After the first couple of days, it seems to have fallen off the media map. Perhaps the fans have overdosed on such stories?

bbicon The headline of this story — “The beanball in baseball fact and fiction” — didn’t exactly deliver what I was hoping for, which was a thorough account of the topic. It’s primarily a review of John Grisham’s 2012 novel  Calico Joe. It does mention, barely, Baseball Codes: Beanballs, Sign Stealing and Bench Clearing Brawls by Jason Turbow and Nolan Ryan, the Making of a Pitcher, by Rob Goldman (the fact).

bbicon I am not a fan of the comic strip “Crankshaft.” Not even if they collected all the baseball-themed strips for a book. But for for those who do enjoy it, here you go.

strike four.JPG

bbicon Finally, I’m very curious about the marketing of and release date for this one: before the season is over. Won’t he still be a bit occupied then? And unless he starts writing (if it’s even him writing) about something different, he’s bordering on becoming a one-trick pony:


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