Marshall dishes on A League of Their Own

January 27, 2013 · 0 comments

The cover of Penny Marshall’s memoir, My Mother Was Nuts, depicts her in catcher’s gear. Why, isn’t exactly clear.

There’s no doubt Marshall, who I first saw playing Oscar Madison’s secretary Myrna in The Odd Couple, is an accomplished person, a leader in her industry, both in general terms and in the advancement of women in film. But to be honest, I wasn’t interested in her whole story. Just he thoughts on one of my favorite baseball films, A League of Their Own.

Her chapter, “Batter Up,” discusses a lot of behind-the-scenes info, such as other actresses who were considered for the key roles, including Deborah Winger for the Dottie Henson character, among many others. I would enjoy an entire book about the movie. Also, I’d love to see the director’s cut, if one exists.

I did an entry when the memoir first came out which includes a couple of interviews with Marshall.

Here’s one scene that didn’t make it into the film, thank goodness.

And a behind-the-scenes look:

And more; consider this your “extras portion” of the DVD.

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