Lest we forget: Earl Weaver

January 21, 2013

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/511GGKKTMFL._SL500_AA300_.jpgThe Hall of Fame manager of the Baltimore Orioles during their greatest years, died Saturday while on a fantasy cruise sponsored by the team. he was 82.

It’s kind of sad that he passed away the same day as Stan Musial; he should have received a day all of his own for people to pay tribute.

Bruce Weber, author of As They See ‘Em, wrote Weaver’s obituary for the New York Times. The Baltimore Sun published this one as well as several tribute pieces including this, this, this, and this; unfortunately they’re not wrapped up in a pretty, convenient “package” as were the articles about Musial..

Weaver published It’s What You Learn After You Know it All That Counts in the early 1980s. Terry Pluto wrote combination bio/instructional with Weaver on Strategy as well as Earl of Baltimore. And long-time “antagonist” Jim Palmer included his former skipper in his memoir, Together We Were Eleven Foot Nine: The Twenty-Year Friendship of Hall of Fame Pitcher Jim Palmer and Orioles Manager Earl Weaver.

Of course, Weaver was famous for arguing with umpires and getting tossed from games. According to SABR, Weaver holds the America League record with 94 ejections. Once he even got run in both games of a doubleheader.

Warning: VERY naughty language in this video.

The language has been excised a bit in this video, which sounds like John Chancellor’s narration for the Ken Burns’ Baseball miniseries and also puts the number of ejections at 91):

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