More on Trouble with the Curve

September 21, 2012

Friday is the traditional movie review day in the press (anyone remember when there were two release days? Movies used to come out on Fridays and Wednesdays).

Here’s the NY Times‘ assessment, by A.O. Scott.


The trouble with baseball movies like “Trouble With the Curve” is that they tempt reviewers to reach for hackneyed sports metaphors. I’m only human, but I’m also not sure which comparison best suits this easygoing, unsurprising movie, directed by Robert Lorenz from a script by Randy Brown. Regrettably, it is not a home run or a perfect game, but it isn’t a wild throw, an errant bunt or a dropped fly ball either. “Trouble With the Curve” is either an off-speed pitch that just catches the edge of the strike zone or a bloop single lofted into right field. The runner is safe. The movie is too.

Rob Neyer at SB Nation posted this collection of excerpts and links from various reviews.

But I’m already looking past that to next spring when 42 — the new biopic about Jackie Robinson — comes out. The trailer didn’t play for me, so here’s the YouTube video:

Although I’m looking forward to this (interesting cast, Robert Redford affiliation, lush —  if a bit overwrought — cinematography), I already have a bit of a problem if one of the scenes from the trailer made it into the final product. See if you can figure it out. I’ll have more to say about this shortly. By the way, the movie’s official website is ridiculously underwhelming at this point. I guess they’re waiting to get closer to the date to build it up into what it should be.

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