I’ve been dreading this for a long time: The baseball glove

March 16, 2012 · 3 comments

The guys on my softball team make fun of my glove. It’s old and very floppy and has resulted in a couple of errors as the ball flicked would bend back the top rather than stick in the webbing.

I’ve been thinking of buying a new one but have been a bit reluctant. It’s not the money, although I’m astounded at the bucks some of my teammates lay out for equipment: $300 for a bat? My wife would kill me.

No, what’s holding me back is my age.

Have you ever heard the advertisement for Movado watches? I don’t know if they still use it, but for the longest time their advertising slogan was, if memory serves, something along the lines of  “The last watch you’ll ever own” (which, by the way, seems not to be the case for some disgruntled customers). I always thought this was a bit creepy and a good theme for a scifi/horror story. Like if the watch broke, they would send a hit squad after you so the company wouldn’t be lying.


Since I tend to hold on to gloves for years, the next one could very well be “the last one you will ever own,” which makes me feel so impotent and mortal. Maybe I should just go ahead and splurge on “The Glove That Would Change The Game,” according to this piece on The Atlantic website.

You only live once.

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  • Ron,
    I played softball until I was 46. I broke my foot while chasing down my last fly ball. That was 7 years ago, and I still have my glove.   This post reminded me how much I miss playing. Being mortal sucks when it comes to baseball!!

    Kevin G.

  • Ron_Kaplan

     When it comes to LIFE, Kevin.

  • Strikethree

    I still use my “popper” (featured in Chapter 14 of Strike Three!) 47 years after I bought it! Of course, it’s only to play catch with my grandson, who loves to bring out an explosive pop at 50 mph.

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