A haul of Hall books: Connie Mack to Stan Musial

February 26, 2011 · 2 comments

Intro: As previously stated, the recent election of Robert Alomar and Bert Blyleven got me to thinking: how many Hall of Famers have had books written about them or penned their own stories. Here are the results. Again, this is not an all-inclusive list; almost all juvenile titles have been omitted.

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“M” is truly an amazing initial for Hall of Famers, isn’t it? Mays, Mantle, Musial, Marichal, , McCovey, Mathewson, no to mention managers such as McCarthy, Mack and McGraw

Connie Mack (Manager; inducted 1937)

Biz Mackey (Negro Leagues, 2006)
There are no titles for Mackey.

Larry MacPhail (Executive, 1978)

Lee MacPhail (Executive, 1998)

Effa Manley (Executive, 2006)

Mickey Mantle (1974)
Mantle books can be divided into distinct categories: titles published during his playing career; titles published after his retirement; and titles published after his death. In addition, he is a staple of books about the Yankees,home run hitters, and the legends of the game.

Heinie Manush (1964)
There are no titles on Manush.

Rabbit Maranville (1954)

Juan Marichal (1973)

Rube Marquard (1971)

Eddie Mathews (1978)

Christy Mathewson (1936)

Willie Mays (1979)

Bill Mazeroski (2001)

Joe McCarthy (Manager, 1957)

Tommy McCarthy (1946)

Willie McCovey (1986)
There are no titles about McCovey.

Joe McGinnity (1946)

Bill McGowan (Umpire, 1992)

John McGraw (Manager, 1937)

Bill McKechnie (Manager, 1962)
There are no titles for McKechnie.

Bid McPhee (2000)
There are no titles for McPhee.

Ducky Medwick (1968)

José Méndez (Negro Leagues, 2006)
There are no titles for Méndez.

Johnny Mize (1981)

Paul Molitor (2004)

Joe Morgan (1990)

Eddie Murray (2003)
There are no titles on Murray.

Stan Musial (1969)

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  • Kent Morgan

    Shouldn’t The Celebrant be listed under Christy Mathewson? Not sure how much Mantle is in the book, but I recently bought a copy of Mickey Mantle’s: Behind the Scenes in America’s Most Famous Sports Bar by William Liederman. I imagine Mickey lifted one or two there.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what you’re seeing, Kent, but from where I’m looking The Celebrant IS under Mathewson’s entry, (second from bottom item). I should have included, in retrospect, Peter Golenbock’s noel about Mantle, “7.”

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