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Tom Verducci

by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci Doubleday The former manager of the New York Yankees — and one of its most successful — teams up with Sports Illustrated’s senior baseball writer for this unique and somewhat baffling presentation. Although Joe Torre gets top billing as the nominative author, the reader will get the impression that […]

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Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated‘s senior baseball writer, was already the subject of an interview about The Yankee Years by his employer, but here’s another. Does the fact that SI is interviewing one of its own with one of its own (in this most recent case Alex Belth is credited, although there’s no reproter named for […]


* Torre update

January 27, 2009 · 0 comments

Now begins the backpedaling. Torre and Cashman are still pals, says this article by Jack Curry in today’s NY Times. And Richard Sandomir contributes this thoughtful column on the style the author’s used (third person): “a hybrid in the sphere of celebrity autobiographies, in which a star hires a writer to render his or her […]


A Tom Verducci wrap-up on the Phillies’ World Series victory. Big whup.


What took so long, Joe?

November 9, 2007 · 0 comments

The Canadian Press reported yesterday that “Joe Torre to recall his New York Yankees years in planned memoir.” The book, currently untitled, will be co-authored by Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci and will include Torre’s memories of the Yankees, with whom he won four World Series championships, and general thoughts on the game. Doubleday, an imprint […]


If you’re going to give a book, give big, I always say. Coffee table editions are especially welcome and if the topic happens to be baseball, so much the better. It sometimes seems unfair that publications like Sports Illustrated can simply reach into 50 years-worth of archives at any time and pull a gem out […]


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