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San Diego Padres

California, there I went.

November 10, 2015 · 0 comments

Spent a lovely weekend in La Jolla where I spoke to a group as part of the San Diego Jewish Book Fair. Yes, New Jersey was having an unseasonably mild November, but the same temperatures over there seemed so much nicer. (Shows how spoiled they are out there: they thought it was cold.) For logistical […]


my baseball cap collection? (Sorry, Little Caesar fans; and if you think I’m talking about the pizza franchise, shame on you, you Philistine). I have a very modest collection of baseball caps — perhaps 25 or so — from major and minor league teams. One of the reasons it’s so small is my rule: I […]


Books about the business and businesspeople of baseball are becoming more available these days; I devote a whole chapter on the topic in 501 Baseball Books. I think fans tend to forget that the people who run baseball aren’t born to the position. Just like everybody, they grow into the job, based on years of […]

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“Dial”: the means by which previous generations selected their TV and/or radio programs. Precedes “remote control” and buttons. For your viewing pleasure, now and in the future: * You have to wonder whether teams may regret allowing TV entities to shadow them for a season. It’s almost like the Sports Illustrated cover curse. This time, […]


The Hall of Fame manager died today at the age of 82. UPDATE: Richard Goldstein’s obituary for Williams in today’s NY Times. Williams won back-to-back World Championships with the Oakland As in 1972-73. He also led the Boston Red Sox to their “Impossible Dream” pennant in 1967 in his first year as a manager at […]


The cover story features Shaquille O’Neill and the Cavs playoff run. Baseball items include a tribute to Ernie Harwell and his generation of broadcasters by Michael Rosenberg a quick look at Bill Madden’s bio on George Steinbrenner an assessment of the suddenly faltering San Diego Padres and the more successful Tampa Bay Rays


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