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Literary birthday greetings: 1919 – Monte Irvin, outfielder; All-Star, Hall of Famer Nice Guys Finish First: The Autobiography of Monte Irvin, by Irvin and James A. Riley, Carroll & Graf, 1996. 1929 – Syd Thrift, general manager (d. 2006) The Game According to Syd: The Theories and Teachings of Baseball’s Leading Innovator, by Thrift and […]


I was over at the local Barnes and Noble and my eyes fell on The Obits: The New York Times Annual 2012. Being the morbid and curious fellow I am, I flipped through the book (the title is a bit odd, since obviously none of the obits are actually from 2012; they actually span Aug. […]


The late Chicago third baseman was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the new incarnation of the Veterans Committee yesterday. Finally. Books by and about Santo include: Ron Santo: A Perfect 10 Ron Santo: Heart and Soul of the Cubs For The Love of Ivy (by Santo) Few and Chosen: Defining Cubs Greatness […]


“Quickie” publications

December 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Not sure how I feel about these things. On the one hand, the technology is available so that it’s easy to turn books like these over quickly. On the other hand, is it an homage, or just a money grab? Newspapers (such as the San Francisco Chronicle, left) have managed fast turnarounds when their local […]


The popular Chicago Cubs and White Sox third baseman died Wednesday at the age of 70. At the heyday of my fanhood — 1969 — the Cubs were the hated enemy and Santo was the epitome of the arrogant, self-entitled rival, deeming the Mets unworthy to shine the shoes of the Chicagoans. But later in […]


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