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Randy Johnson

Been a bit remiss in my own Bookshelf Conversations lately. But always happy to pass along what I’ve come across. Jonathan Hock’s new documentary Fastball recently hit the screens. I had the opportunity to watch a screener. Fascinating stuff. There’s a “Zelig moment” with Justin Verlander “visiting” Bob Feller during his famous “motorcycle showdown.” That […]


Jeopardy update

February 25, 2016 · 2 comments

I am a Jeopardy nut. I try to never miss an episode, much to the occasional annoyance of my family. Naturally, I’m always stoked when there’s a baseball question. At the risk of sounding judgmental, I rarely expect the brainy contestants to have sports trivia as part of their knowledge base. And when there’s an […]


The poster boy for the unathletic-looking male, the one who gave millions hope that they, too, could fit in with the slim/muscular types, turns 50 today. Kruk was one of those players who was pretty good, but… He finished his 10-year career with an even .300 batting average and hit .348 in the 1993 World […]

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Birthday greetings

September 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Randy Johnson turns 47 today. There have been several books about him, but mostly in the area of juvenile biography, plus a couple of instructions, including Randy Johnson’s Power Pitching: The Big Unit’s Secrets to Domination, Intimidation, and Winning. And, of course, he’s included in books that focus on the top hurlers in the game, […]


Possibly the last pitcher to win 300 games, Johnson announced his retirement yesterday. He’s been the subject of several books, but most seem to be for kids or where he’s been included in numerous release about baseball’s  greatest players or for his no-hitters. Perhaps that will change now. Say what you will about the Bug […]


He becomes the 24th pitcher, and sixth left-hander, to notch 300 wins.


The main baseball story is a feature by  Tom Verducci on Randy Johnson. Wish they’d post the pictures with the articles.


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