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On this Veterans Day…

November 11, 2017 · 0 comments

I was flipping through the dial and chanced upon Strategic Air Command, one of the many movies aired today in honor of Veteran’s Day. This one features Jimmy Stewart, one of my favorite actors, in the lead role of Dutch Holland, a star player for the St. Louis Cardinals who served in World War Two, […]


That same paper by Chad Sabadie also uncovered another John Ford TV play touching on an ersatz Black Sox situation featuring some high-powered names . Flashing Spikes was an episode under the Alcoa Presents umbrella starring Jimmy Stewart as a former player who had conspired with six other players (Seven Men Out?) to throw a […]

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I bring this up because I was reminded of one of my all-time favorite actor’s baseball-related oeuvres by Jonathan Coe’s new pictorial biography, Jimmy Stewart: A Wonderful Life. Stewart’s career is often discussed in two broad periods: pre-World War II, when he generally played lighter, more genial roles, and following the war (in which he […]

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Minnesota hometown favorite Kent Hrbek turns the big five-oh today. Surprisingly, he was an All-Star just once, finishing second in the AL Rookie of the Year voting in 1982 and MVP voting two years later. He lent his name to Kent Hrbek’s Tales from the Minnesota Twins Dugout in 2007. Also born this date (in […]

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If they ever made a movie about my life, I’d want to be played by a post-WW II era Jimmy Stewart. He exudes a sense of humor but at the same times plays dark very well. Stewart played Chicago White Sox pitcher Monty Stratton — born this day in 1912 — in The Stratton Story, […]

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