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A League of Their Own

The inspiration for the character of Dottie Henson in A League of Their Own, died on Saturday at the age of 88. Davis published her memoir, Dirt in the Skirt, (which weighs in at over 500 pages) in 2009. There was also a website in her name. I just visited the spot and there’s some music […]


The cover of Penny Marshall’s memoir, My Mother Was Nuts, depicts her in catcher’s gear. Why, isn’t exactly clear. There’s no doubt Marshall, who I first saw playing Oscar Madison’s secretary Myrna in The Odd Couple, is an accomplished person, a leader in her industry, both in general terms and in the advancement of women […]


The Atlantic included four baseball films — Moneyball, Field of Dreams, Catching Hell (the ESPN 30/30 documentary about Steve Bartman), and Cobb (!) — in this list of “10 Great Sports Films for People Who Don’t Watch Sports.” Personally, I would have suggested A League of Their Own waaaaay before Cobb, which was pretty much […]


There are certain baseball movies I never fail to watch whenever they’re on TV. Although with some, I find the more I watch, the less entertaining they seem and the more annoyed I get. Case in point: A League of Their Own. For the most part, I still love this film. But the past few […]

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