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A League of Their Own

The inspiration for the character of Dottie Henson in A League of Their Own, died on Saturday at the age of 88. Davis published her memoir,┬áDirt in the Skirt, (which weighs in at over 500 pages) in 2009. There was also a website in her name. I just visited the spot and there’s some music […]


The cover of Penny Marshall’s memoir, My Mother Was Nuts, depicts her in catcher’s gear. Why, isn’t exactly clear. There’s no doubt Marshall, who I first saw playing Oscar Madison’s secretary Myrna in The Odd Couple, is an accomplished person, a leader in her industry, both in general terms and in the advancement of women […]


The Atlantic included four baseball films — Moneyball, Field of Dreams, Catching Hell (the ESPN 30/30 documentary about Steve Bartman), and Cobb (!) — in this list of “10 Great Sports Films for People Who Don’t Watch Sports.” Personally, I would have suggested A League of Their Own waaaaay before Cobb, which was pretty much […]


There are certain baseball movies I never fail to watch whenever they’re on TV. Although with some, I find the more I watch, the less entertaining they seem and the more annoyed I get. Case in point: A League of Their Own. For the most part, I still love this film. But the past few […]

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