The “faux Hall” is better than no Hall at all for Marvin Miller

January 5, 2016 · 4 comments

Wonder if there will be a new bio if he ever gets inducted into the real Hall of Fame? After all, it was only a year ago that Robert Burk published Marvin Miller, Baseball Revolutionary. Anyway, from the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (of which I am a life-member):

IBWAA VETS COMMITTEE SELECTS MARVIN MILLER IN 2016 HALL OF FAME VOTE its inaugural Hall of Fame election, the IBWAA Vets Committee selected labor leader Marvin Miller with 16 out of a possible 20 votes cast (80%). A 75% threshold is required for election.

The IBWAA, which has been voting in its own non-official Hall of Fame election since 2010, established the Vets Committee in November 2015 to consider individuals who have not be honored with a Cooperstown enshrinement by the BBWAA, or by any of the various Eras Committees tasked with the assignment (the Golden Era Committee, the Pre-Integration Committee, etc.).

All candidates, which were nominated by the IBWAA Vets Committee members themselves, were placed on a digital ballot, with voting taking place electronically during December, 2015.

Election results are as follows:

Name Votes Percentage
Marvin Miller 16 80 %
Barry Larkin 14 70 %
Minnie Minoso 12 60 %
John Scheurholz 10 50 %
George Steinbrenner 10 50 %
Dick Allen 9 45 %
Gil Hodges 9 45 %
Lou Whitaker 9 45 %
Steve Garvery 7 35 %
Tommy John 7 35 %
Dwight Evans 6 30 %
Tony Oliva 6 30 %
Maury Wills 6 30 %
Buzzy Bavasi 5 25 %
Jim Kaat 5 25 %
Bobby Grich 4 20 %
Ted Simmons 4 20 %
Don Mattingly 2 10 %
Vada Pinson 2 10 %

The IBWAA was established July 4, 2009 to organize and promote the growing online baseball media, and to serve as a digital alternative to the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA). Voting for full season awards takes place in September of each year, with selections being announced in November. The IBWAA also holds a Hall of Fame election in December of each year, with results being announced the following January.


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