Throwback Thursday (aka links dump)

September 3, 2015

Since I posted the first of these on a Thursday, which is known on social media as a time of reflection, I thought to make it a regular thing under this rubric. These are kind of fun; it’s like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get. (Actually, I never understood that famous quote from Forrest Gump. If it’s a box of chocolate covered cherries, don’t you know exactly what you’re going to get?)

On the one hand, I’m happy to report that I’m catching up/running out of these old links. On the other hand, it’s been cool reminiscing.

I highly recommend Pocket as a way to hold onto links you come that you want to keep. Unlike bookmarks, Pocket keeps the entire page and makes it relative easy for you to find stuff you “pocketed.” I have keepers going back six years — more than 5,000 links — and I’ve decided it’s time to start cleaning house so here are some submitted for your amusement, perusal, and education. Some are not current, but in a sense, they’re timeless.

  • I may have posted this before in a TBT entry, but here’s an “Issuu” publication I created consisting of all the baseball book reviews I did for BookPage.
  • Tim Morris of the University of Texas at Arlington keeps updating his very useful Guide to Baseball Fiction site, perfect as students head back to school.
  • The early 1970s represented the hey-day of my baseball card collecting, so I thought this e-book onThe Ultimate Collector’s Guide to 1970 Baseball Cards might be interesting. It may be, but I never got past the sample.
  • Keeping with the card theme, Stale Gum is one of those web presences in which the host regales visitors with takes of interesting acquisitions, etc. The photography isn’t great but the stories might amuse you.
  • As I’ve written, Jon Leonoudakis is working on a documentary about legendary sportswriter and author Arnold Hano. Back in 2012, when I was researching for my own Baseball Bookshelf conversation with Hano, I found several pieces from sundry sources including this one from the Laguna Beach Coastline Reporter. This one, from the Bronx Banter blog, is even older, having been published in 2009.
  • Here’s a piece I wrote for NJ Jewish News about a screening of Aviva Kempner’s documentary about Hank Greenberg and a profile of author James Hirsch on his 2010 biography of Willie Mays. What the heck, here’s one more about Martin Abramowitz, founder of the Jewish Major League baseball card set, which had a brief retirement in 2010 before making a comeback last year.
  • My friend Howard Megdal published an accounting of every Jewish Major Leaguer up to the release of his book, The Baseball Talmud as well as this article for The New York Times on Greenberg’s pursuit of the single season home run record in 1938: “Religion Aided a Home Run Chase, and May Have Led to Its Failure”
  • Author website: Garry Moore‘s Playing with the Enemy, a book “inspired by true events” about his father. I’m always leery about books and movies that used that phrase, more so than “based on,” for some reason. The website says it’s “coming soon to theaters.” Don’t know what “soon” means; according to IMDB, this is a project “in development.”
  • Author website: Jerry Ruess, former major leaguer, current broadcaster, and author of Bring in the Right-Hander.
  • Here’s a site about sports and movies but not necessarily sports movies.
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