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August 17, 2015 · 2 comments

Any parent knows your kid will have this one TV show you absolutely cannot stand, be it Barney or in my situation, Full House. My daughter is now a college graduate and we were recently near a movie theater that was screening The Man from UNCLE. Now, I remember the original series from the mid-1960s, when spy/secret agent shows were all the rage. So I wondered: for what demographic is this movie aimed? Certainly not for boomers like me.

Full House is getting a reboot with Fuller House. We get the play on words in the title; did the producers really have to hit us over the head by making the name of the lead actor J.D. Tanner-Fuller?

Obviously, just as TMFU, this show was not made for someone like me. God bless.

Since the series is based in San Francisco, it seems “natural,” that it be cross promoted by the Giants.

I guess I have a different criteria for what I consider “hilarious.” (I also feel embarrassed for Dave Coulier, who appears at the end of the video, reprising the shtick he did on FH as third banana Joey Gladstone.)

This piece from The Sporting News suggests “15 more TV show intros we’d like to see remade by MLB teams.

Um, no. Sticking a few ballplayers on screen to the music doesn’t make it worthwhile. Just like all the different versions of the “Harlem Shake” a few years back.Although kudos to Mets PR exec Jay Horwitz for not give a f*** about what he looked like in the Mets’ version.

Remember? No? Good, it means you’ve moved on with your life.




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  • It was indeed The Saint, starring Val Kilmer.

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