Throwback Thursday (aka, massive links dump, continued)

June 18, 2015

Since I posted the first of these on a Thursday, which is known on social media as a time of reflection, I thought to make it a regular thing under this rubric. These are kind of fun; it’s like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get. (Actually, I never understood that famous quote from Forrest Gump. If it’s a box of chocolate covered cherries, don’t you know exactly what you’re going to get?)

On the one hand, I’m happy to report that I’m catching up / running out of these old links (some are no longer “with us”). On the other hand, it’s been cool reminiscing.

I highly recommend Pocket as a way to hold onto links you come that you want to keep. Unlike bookmarks, Pocket keeps the entire page and makes it relative easy for you to find stuff you “pocketed.” I have keepers going back six years — more than 5,000 links — and I’ve decided it’s time to start cleaning house so here are some submitted for your amusement, perusal, and education. Some are not current, but in a sense, they’re timeless. They’re presented in reverse order (oldest first).

  • We recently celebrated the anniversary of “Casey at the Bat,” which has been parodied hundreds of times, some good some not so much. Here’s another one; make your own decision.
  • This list of “Five radical game-changing proposals” from ESPN personnel was posted three years ago. Some, such as imposing reliever minimums and limiting mound visits and going back to scheduled single-admission doubleheaders make sense.
  •’s the website for Jerry Silverman, who compiled, among many other musical studies, The Baseball Songbook, a fun collection of tunes from the late 18th and early 20th century. Comes with a CD performed by the author, but they’re basically sample versions as opposed to the entire song.
  • Bruce Fitzpatrick released The Tony Conigliaro Story in 2012. Here’s a review from Fenway Nation and another from Bruce Markusen on The Hardball Times site. Here’s former manager Bobby Valentine receiving his copy.
  • I was proud to be among the presenters at a symposium at Hofstra University in honor of the NY Mets 50th anniversary. Here’s a list of all the speakers.
  • Over the years I’ve had a few essays published on The Huffington Post. This one is about Ryan Braun’s upheld appeal in the face of PED charges. I also wrote this piece for the NJ Jewish News.
  • Why do baseball managers wear uniforms? Mental Floss offers an answer.
  • Mental Floss also took this look analyzing the careers of 20 players deemed “Rated Rookies” by the folks at Donruss baseball cards.
  • My (broadcast) team is better than yours.
  • Here’s the official website for Baseball Between Us, “a true story of a father-son road trip to visit every Major League Baseball stadium in North America” by Mike Luery and his son, Matt.


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