Book of the week contest: Joe and Marilyn: Legends in Love

August 5, 2014

Congratulations to Tim. N. of Fair Oaks,Calif., winner of the tenth anniversary edition of The Last Best League, by Jim Collins. up: Joe and Marilyn: Legends in Love by C. David Heymann. Here’s my review from

A couple of things I neglected to mention in the piece:

Notice the cover. The photo conveys Marilyn as all lovey-dovey, but Joe seems to be in a bad mood. Knowing his reputation, I doubt it’s a posed shot. Rather it catches DiMaggio in a vulnerable moment.

Next, consider the title. Does the publisher means that these are two legends — on from the sports world,one from Hollywood — in love with each other? Or, given their sexual proclivities, are they legends individually, apart from each other?


A reminder of the new rules:

This is now a random pick. I didn’t think it was fair for those who did leave a note in weeks where the rest of you lazy buggers might not. But the rest applies. Comments have to be posted on the site — not as a “like” or comment on Facebook (although that’s greatly appreciated) or any other social media or via e-mail — wins.

Comments do not have to pertain to the particular post you are currently reading but they do have to be related to the overall scope of the blog, please; no “My team’s great, your team sucks” nonsense. Y’all have been good about that. Keep it up.

If you’ve won a book in the last three months — and you’ll know who you are — you can’t win again. Share the wealth. That doesn’t mean you can’t share your thoughts, though. Please do.

Not mandatory, but I would appreciate the winners taking a picture of him- or herself with their giftee so I can post it on the blog. So far, none of you have done that.

That’s it. Simple enough, no?

Have at it.


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