Is this a joke? Apparently so.

January 23, 2014

While tooling around Amazon, looking to see what interesting baseball titles are on the horizon, I found this: The Best Ever Book of Diamondbacks Jokes: Lots and Lots of Jokes Specially Repurposed for You-Know-Who, by Mark Geoffrey Young.

A further look at the author’s other works shows that he’s got a book like this for 20 other teams. And they’re all the same jokes, just subbing in different team names.

For example:

“What do you call a Diamondbacks Fan who practices birth control?
A humanitarian.

There was a Diamondbacks’ Fan who was late for work during the power failure because he was stuck on the escalator.

He has additional books for other topics, but they follow the same format.

The cover price for the 162-page paperback edition is $14.99; the Kindle goes for $9.99. Really?

This guy is either a genius or a fraud, depending on your point of view. First of all, the jokes aren’t even original. Second, how kosher is it to change just one word and resell the whole thing as a new item?

And what does this say about those who would buy these books (unless they don’t know or care about the “duplication”?


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