Lest we forget: Bill Mazer

October 24, 2013 · 0 comments

One of the grand old men of broadcast sports passed away yesterday at the age of 92.

I remember Mazer from WNEW-TV (Channel Five) in New York. He was one of — if not the –first to host a half-hour Sunday night sports show, following the evening’s newscast. I always thought it was a “dead”space. Who’s going to tune in at that time? Obviously he was on to something.

Mazer was also author of the 1990 publication, Bill Mazer’s Amazin Baseball Book: 150 Years of Tales and Trivia from Baseball’s Earliest Beginnings Down to the Present Day (Zebra books), which I do not have in my personal library. Yet.

Richard Goldstein wrote the obituary for The New York Times.

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