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September 24, 2013

Long-time Mets broadcaster Howie Rose put in appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show earlier this month to discuss (ostensibly) his memoir, Put It In the Book!: A Half-Century of Mets Mania. You can listen to it here.

* * *

Baseball once again was a topic, albeit a brief one, on my favorite NPR show, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Jeff Garlin, the guest for the “Not My Job” segment, discussed his new movie:

SAGAL: Now, you also have a movie called “Dealin’ With Idiots.”

GARLIN: “Dealin With Idiots,” which you can see on, like iTunes and Amazon and all that stuff. It’s about, you know, youth baseball parents, just the parents, not the kids.

SAGAL: Is this an autobiographical story?

Dealin' with Idiots (2013) PosterGARLIN: Semi-autobiographical, yes. It’s all – everyone, every adult in the movie is or becomes an idiot.


SAGAL: Really?


SAGAL: Does that include yourself?

GARLIN: That includes myself.

SAGAL: I see. And I understand it’s got a lot of your friends, like Bob Odenkirk and all those guys. And you said to them hey, I’m doing a movie called “Dealin’ With Idiots,” and I want you in it.


GARLIN: Yes, that’s exactly what I said.


SAGAL: And they all said sure.

GARLIN: They all said sure, and they said I hope I get to be an idiot.

Dealin‘ seems to have a pretty strong cast. This one might actually be good.


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