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February 15, 2013 · 3 comments

The best way to play catch-up is via a “Bits and Pieces” entry so here goes:

James Bailey offers this appreciation for W.P. Kinsella’s The Iowa Baseball Confederacy.

Rob Neyer, Grant Brisbee, and Murray Chass on Mike Piazza and his new book, Long Shot.

Don’t know where this excellent Simpsons/Moneyball mashup came from, but Brisbee posted the video.

Neyer also posted this piece on “When Bernard Malamud saw ‘The Natural.'” I’m always curious about how writers feel when their work is translated to the screen. Some want to serve as screenwriter, others are happy to pass along the responsibility.  If I was in that situation, I would want to do it myself, since I know how the thing should look and sound. But that’s just me.

Bruce Markusen’s latest “baseball card mystery” actually identifies both players in the shot. So what’s the mystery? Ah, read on.

The Rain of Error current baseball book club selection:  Mike Sowell’s The Pitch That Killed.

The writer of this Huffington Post piece loves baseball books, but why he chooses a two-year old title rather than say, something coming down the pipe, is beyond me.

Heinz Marketing (!) posted this list of best business-related baseball titles, which includes bios on Branch Rickey and Bill Veeck as well as hard-to-find items such as The Lords of the Realm.






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  • Ron, I’m curious as to why The Lords of the Realm is considered “hard-to-find”. Heinz Marketing has a link to the amazon page where one can purchase a used hardback copy for a penny (plus $3.99 shipping). I found it on abebooks for $3.63 delivered. Perhaps “hard-to-find” is code for “not-well-known”.

  • Ron_Kaplan

    That does seem stranger. Without knowing the writer, I hsitate to call him/her “lazy” in search efforts…

  • Ron_Kaplan

    Oy. of all people to misspell with. Of course that should be “strange” and “hesitate.”

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