Swung on and missed

January 15, 2013

As in I missed posting this earlier.

So how’s Peter Rose looking now, given the latest Hall of Fame debacle?

Perhaps in an attempt to bring him back into the spotlight, he and his family are the subject of a new reality TV series, Pete Rose, Hits & Mrs., which airs Sunday nights on The Learning Channel. (Remember when TLC actually taught useful, intelligent stuff? I guess with their current philosophy of programming these days, it’s an education in the banality of man.)

Mike Hale gave an overview of the Rose story in this Jan. 12 NY Times piece, in which he describes the series as testing “positive for tedium.”

I might watch one episode, but generally speaking,  I have a very low opinion of such voyeuristic offerings (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Jersey Shore, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Housewives of fill-in-the-blank, etc.). These programs love to show people at their worst and I can’t decide if the “subjects” are aware or oblivious. And I feel a certain disappointment in for those who watch them, either out of a sense of virtual celebrity stalking or, perhaps worse, schadenfreude.

Just sayin’.



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