“You could look it up…” (Dickson Baseball Dictionary)

November 12, 2012

Remember the school-yard insult, “I looked up (negative attribute) in the dictionary and there was a picture of you?”

Rob Neyer over at Baseball Nation sort of does the same thing with the names of baseball players as culled from The Dickson Baseball Dictionary.

Among the players who will live in infamy: John Anderson, who, according to Neyer, “once tried to steal second base when the bases were loaded. Which didn’t work out so well. And for some years, on those rare occasions when a runner tried to steal an occupied base, it was called a John Anderson, or a ‘John Anderson play'”.

(See also Joe Orsulak and Selmer “Sam” Brenegan.)

The ever-helpful Neyer has several of his own suggestions. Perhaps they’ll show up in Dickson’s next edition.


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