501 update

September 5, 2012 · 2 comments

Sent the manuscript off to the copy-editor this morning. Whee! Now I can relax for a couple of weeks. I’ll most likely have to have a long chat with him when he can’t read my handwriting. Then I image I get galleys or page proofs back so I can create the index. That should be interesting.

I’m also looking forward to see what the publisher comes up with for the cover. I’ve been told I can’t use book jackets because of copyright/permissions issues, which can get a bit sticky and expensive. But here’s a question for you legal people out there. If I own the book and I take a picture of something I own, can’t I use that, since it’s my picture? Just curious.

Picked up a copy of  the 2012 Writer’s Market and am getting a few ideas about promoting the book, including a video trailer. I get to play Ken Burns for a few minutes. I’ve been meaning to master the Flip camera a bought a few months ago; here’s my chance. Also toying with the idea of a stand-alone blog for the book. (Like I even have enough time to care and feed this one as I should.)

Thanks for all the good wishes, by the way. They are much appreciated.


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