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April 20, 2011

Time once again for a major links dump to make up for bad behavior. Warning: some of these links go back to March. Just sayin’.

* A member of Red Sox Nation pays tribute to a “mortal enemy” by giving the NY Times photo book on Derek Jeter the thumbs up.

* The Wall Street Journal pays “tribute” to Bill James and his followers.

* The Baptist Press website posted this review of a new biography about Albert Pujols which includes a lot of material about his faith.

* Press Box, a Baltimore-centric sports site, offers an excerpt from Tim Wendel‘s High Heat, which was released this year as a paperback.

* The Business Section of the March 14 NY Times featured this interview with Jonah Keri, author of The Extra 2%. And The Mark Viviano Show in Baltimore conducted this interview with Keri on April 1. The Business Insider published this review of the book.

* The Times also posted this Richard Sandomir piece about Bill White, author of a new memoir, Uppity.

* The Cleveland Plain Dealer published this mini-review roundup of five baseball titles. Jacket Copy, the LA Times’ book blog, posted this list of nine all-time favorites, which is basically a repeat of this piece, also published by the Times.

* The Florida Courier, an African-American publication, posted this review of Raceball, by Rob Ruck.

* And because she’s such an arbiter of taste, here’s Alyssa Milano‘s list of her five favorite baseball films.

* Holly Cara Price’s review of The Effa Manley Story appears on the Huffington Post.

* Joe Magennis, who hosts the Baseballisms site/podcast, conducted this interview with Josh Wilker, author of last year’s Cardboard Goads, now out in paperback.

* The Massachusetts Daily Collegian, serving the U Mass population, posted this profile of Adrian Burgos Jr., author of Playing America’s Game: Baseball, Latinos, and the Color Line.

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